About Me

I am a passionate grower of both fruit and vegetables, since I was a child growing vegetables with my father in Ruthin North Wales.

My first memory of competing on the bench was when a dear friend of the family Jos Parry was entering Ruthin Flower Show and he was washing a set of three parsnips, and as luck would have it the tap root of one of the prize exhibits broke of. Well Jos tried everything to make an invisible repair, to no avail. Well that left a mark on me and I always wanted to compete.

In May 2009 I went to a talk in Ruthin by Medwyn Williams MBE, his talk truly inspired me to give it ago. So I entered 2 shows in 2009 Ruthin and Denbigh. I didn’t have a clue so I entered some tomatoes, shallots, beetroot and some potatoes. I had a few place cards, but one thing it left me with was what a great bunch of people the competitors were, they are the friendly bunch you can ever meet.

Now for Denbigh, I came away with a cup. The Novice cup. That was it no stopping me now.
The following year I entered every show possible, but one exhibit really inspired me ” the Trug of Vegetables”
One area of showing which I always enjoyed that was the fruit section and first time in 2010 I entered the famous Malvern Autumn Show and came away with 1st in Soft Fruit and 4th with the Trug of vegetables.

Entering such a prestigious show as Malvern one of the best shows in the country and coming away with a first prize card in fruit, my ambition was growing next show RHS Tatton 2012 . first Prize with Blackcurrant’s, First Prize with Trug of Vegetables.

That year was finishes off by winning the National Trug Championship at Marvern, that feat I have followed in the following 4years.
Things Progressed in 2013 I was invited by the RHS to build a Garden display at RHS Tatton Flower Show 2014, which I did and was awarded a Silver Gilt Medal at my first time, the same garden I took to Southport Flower Show and was awarded a Gold Medal.

At this time Tom Smith Plants was started selling quality and unusual fruit,
My ambition which I never thought I would achieve was that I was asked by the RHS to put an entry in for RHS Chelsea. I was told don’t be disappointed if you don’t get in on you’re first application. Well the envelope arrived early October my entry has been accepted to display my Container Grown Fruit and Vegetable Garden in the main Marque RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

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